Friday, March 20, 2009

My Hunny

So the The next Birthday of the month is my Hunny. This year he turns 51, wow !! Hunny is an amazing man who has always put his family first. He has worked hard all his life to make sure I was able to stay home and raise our three wonderful children. I thank him soo much for the time that I had with them, I would have missed so much if I'd have had to work.
He made sure we went on a vacation every year on one salary. And he has taught my children so many things, it is amazing the stuff he knows. He is a Jack of all trades and the master of quit a few things. If you need him to do something or figure something out and he doesn't know how right off, if you will give him a day or two he will figure it out and come up with an answer. He is constantly learning and adding to his knowledge. Some things I love about him are, that he reads the Bible, dictionary, encyclopedias from cover to cover over and over when he gets the whim. He has a serious nature and I'll catch him trying not to smile. I absolutely love that he is an amazing grandpa!!! My kids say we switched roles from when they were kids lol. These are just a few things I love about him, he is an amazing man!!
30 years ago when I thought I was in love, who figured Hunny would truly become the love of my life?
You my wonder why I spell him Hunny. well he is what the buzz is all about in my life, he has always been the hive where all the hunny making has gone on. I may not have realized it when I as young and stupid, but now I know and I am soo glad and BLESSED to still be making hunny with this man!!! I love you sweety, Happy Birthday.

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