Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

The last birthday of the month is my beautiful daughter Honesty. It's hard to believe our baby is turning 26! Time sure does fly when your having fun, and fun we have had!!!

Honesty all through our raising children I was most concerned for you, a girl so many things can happen to girls. But from the beginning you have proven time and again that you're not afraid of nothing. You set your mind on things and have gone for it. You may have had to pick yourself up and brush yourself off, with a few bruises and bumps, but you didn't care you just keep going. This may in part have to do with being raised with two brothers that didn't give you a minute to forget they were, "your big brothers". As I laughed my way through all the antics that you all pulled on one another, I sit back with a smile on my face and contentment in my heart. Knowing that with a little help from us you have grown into a wonderful woman that can take care for herself and hold your head up high. You can fight for what you want and know that the gashes and blood are only signs of the determination you have and it will all wash off and heal up eventually. Yet you are loving and caring and are there to help anyone who has been banged around themselves fighting for the things they want and you can be happy and proud for them just as you are proud of yourself. I love you Honesty, more than you can imagine. In my heart always you will always be my little girl, But the sparkle in my eyes is the woman you are today. Honesty you know your my favorite and will always be, you hold a place in my heart that no one will ever hold! I love you sweety and wish you the Happiest Birthday of all.

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Shelley said...

Your daughter is just beautiful. She looks so much like you Sandy! I hope she reads your blog because your words to her (and about her) are truly sweet and special!