Sunday, June 7, 2009

Good Reads

So, I finally finished it. I have to say amid all the controversy over it, I thought I needed to read it for myself. Then a good friend gave me a copy, she had bought it and read as a fiction novel never knowing the controversy surrounding it, she said it was weird and different but to read it.
I had a hard time overcoming the controversy, because I never want to do anything to offend my Lord and Savior. So after reading a small portion of The Shack I set it aside. Yesterday I felt like I needed to finish it and so today it is done.
I have to say for the most part the book looks like a mans struggle with his relationship with God. But there is so much more. I walk away with a new appreciation for how I worship, my relationship with God and my relationship with others. WOW is all I can say. I don't know the road William P. Young has taken to get to where he could write a book with this much feeling and insight, only him and God know.
So if you feel like checking it out go ahead, remember it is fiction it says it on the back cover. Let me know what you think.


Just a simple gal said...

Hey there! found you thruogh the scrapbook store in Columbus - our kids are in school in auburn and dh and the boys have soem plans down that way the first weekend in october - am wondering if there's any scrapp things / events going on in the area then? Thanks for any info you might provide -

jfahnestock said...

Sandy, I read The Shack and I had not heard anything about a controversy...I looked at it as a work of fiction and I thought it was a unique view of THE FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST. I enjoyed the story and thought it very humerous at times. I think sometimes it is better if we don't know the controversy before we read something because then we can look at things in a more positive light. I enjoyed it especially after I got over the little girl's death...I really thought the description of HEAVEN was beautiful and what a wonderful way to deal with the death of a child...knowing that they are truly in a beautiful, wonderful place such as that...Janice