Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday

He is turning 29 on the 12Th of March.
March is the Birthday month for our family and it starts off on the 12Th with me oldest son Nathaniel, he turns 29 this year and these are pictures of him last year at his 28Th BD Party. The old saying time flies when your having fun is true, We loved raising our family and now that they are making lives of their own we miss them sooo much. We are so proud for the wonderful people they have become, but we miss those babies that filled our days with love and laughter and the teenagers that filled our home with excitement and energy and now the adults that fill our hearts with awe!!!!
Thank you Nathaniel, our first born you have filled our lives with more happiness than we should have been allowed, you blessed us with the most adorable granddaughters that we just can't get enough of. We look forward to seeing where the rest of your life takes you. Know that we are cheering you on and loving every minute of everything that comes your way. You have made us proud, so many times over. You know you will always be our favorite ;) hands down and your spot as number one can never be replaced. We love you the most and always will. Love Mom and Dad

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