Sunday, November 9, 2008

I had a great time at the Calander Class taught by Cheryl, the owner of The Scrapbook Shop. We had a blast and the calanders came out looking fabulous. You'll have to go by the shop and check Cheryl's out.
While I was there a private party came in and I heard them talking about cards, so I mossied over to check it out and fouund out they were starting a card swap club and invited me to join. I am soooo excited, I already have a plan for my first card, I'll keep you posted on how it is coming along.
Oh and we have bunnies, My husband had baught bunnies for the grands without mama's permission ( a NO NO for sure) so for almost a year he has tended to the grandbabies bunnies and these bunnies have been growing!!! We have had a few litters but they never made it ( you wouldn't believe how hard it is for bunnies to live, when they are newborns) so a few days ago my husband went out like he does every morning and there in the hay in like a little cacoon were baby bunnies, they had to be over 7 days because we had lost the last one at that time frame and these are a little bigger than it. So today he went out and called me because they were uncovered and there are 4, one black and white, two white and one white and some funny markings of gray, TOOOOOO CUTE. I can't wait to hold them, but for now we are letting momma do her job. I'll post pics as soon as I can get some good ones :) And I don't think we'll mention it to the grands, as we don't know if we will be keeping them yet.
Well I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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